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How To Start a Business In 4 Steps 🚀

April 1st, 2021|Events|

Business Startup Boost Talk Starting your own business is the best way to build something meaningful, become wealthy, and be completely free! Lots of people think about starting a business, [...]

Consumer Alert Financial Fraud / Scam

March 11th, 2021|Events|

Consumer Alert Financial Fraud / Scam In supporting our community, PUMM is collaborating with Bank Negara Malaysia. This talk aims to enhance public awareness on the dangers of falling prey [...]

GA Hive is a finalist in Xero Awards Asia 2020

December 1st, 2020|News|

We’re so excited to announce that GA HIVE is a finalist for the Malaysia Partner of the Year at #XeroAwards 2020: Asia. https://www.xero.com/campaigns/xero-awards-asia/ Xero Awards recognise excellence among Xero accounting and [...]

Business Continuity with Xero Accounting

October 9th, 2020|Events|

Business Continuity with Xero Accounting Xero Beautiful Accounting Software, a cloud solution to help business owner lower down their costs and solve their financial trouble. Xero provides business owner with a real-time [...]

如何有效掌控现金流: COVID-19 生存策略 掌控现金流 + 情景规划 + 收支平衡

October 7th, 2020|Events|

如何有效掌控现金流: COVID-19 生存策略 掌控现金流 + 情景规划 + 收支平衡 研讨会目标: 什么创新经营创造现金流。 工资补贴和贷款偿还延期,是好是坏。 平衡员工的健康的费用吗? 重新分配资源,提高生产力,降低成本,提高 ROE。 建立一个成本为重的文化“我为什么要花这个钱”?而不是说我可以在哪里消减? 激励管理者的平衡标准,或平衡管理者级效的指标。 了解亏盈平衡点,使生意更具有成本意识。 如何掌握现金,把生意做大。 PROGRAMME DETAILS 13th October 2020 | 11.00am - 12.30pm VENUE [...]

Facebook Live & Marketing Class

October 6th, 2020|Events|

您的 LIVE 营销 和 FACEBOOK 营销 做对了吗?相信很多老板和企业家们都在烦恼着! • 你是否每天都用 Give Away 的方式增加流量,可来的人都是拿了就走! • 你是否不懂得布置直播背景,观众看不懂你在卖什么! • 你是否不懂直播的互动技巧,观众不想理你又想离开! • Facebook 营销不断投钱但没有成交率! • Facebook 营销技巧和策略不对或错误! • 不懂得如何针对你的对顾客群来做广告! • 不懂得在 Facebook & Instagram 建立品牌定位和社会影响力! 老板和企业家们!别再犹豫了!抓紧时间来报名! 5 [...]

7 Roles of Highly Effective CEOs

August 4th, 2020|Events|

7 Roles of Highly Effective CEOs PROBLEM: Feeling lonely fighting alone? As Chief Executives and Entrepreneurs, you face great challenges everyday. 16% of top leaders were rated very effective at either strategy [...]

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