Business Continuity on Cloud with Xero

Xero Beautiful Accounting Software, a cloud solution to help business owner lower down their costs and solve their financial trouble. Xero provides business owner with a real-time analysis of their financial condition and performance in a simple, intelligent and secure manner. Xero allow you to make better business decisions with easy-to-use financial reporting tools and keep within budget and monitor the numbers from wherever you are. Xero used by over 2 million customers worldwide. Here are the reasons why your business should be using Xero and why know your financial should be priority?

WHY Your Business Should Be Using Xero?

  • Online invoice and quote, keep your cash flow healthy with online payment options.
  • Quick and easy bank reconciliation process with cash coding.
  • One price for unlimited number of users per entity.
  • Keep track of money in and out with direct bank connections.
  • Store, manage and share important business information within one central location.
  • Multiple layers of protection for personal and financial information.

WHY Know Your Financial Should Be Priority?

  • Do you want to quickly grasp your company cash flow?
  • Do you understand your expenses and financial commitments?
  • Do you know how much money in the bank after (-) budgeted commitment?
  • Do you know what other expenses can you cut or mitigate?
  • How much cash in and out daily on mobile dashboard?
  • How is to increase automate the collection?
  • Any apps to help with short-to-medium and long-term cash flow forecasting?

XERO has also more than 800 apps, system from e-commerce, CRM, project management, paperless storage, HR and financial reporting.

If you want to know how Xero can transform your business, please register online and join us LIVE on Zoom.

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