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Human Resources Ministry said that all salaries and allowances must be paid except for transport allowances that will not be used during the period, any cuts in salaries and benefits should first be discussed and agreed upon by employees, said the Human Resources Ministry in a statement on frequently asked questions issued by the National Security Council.

The FAQ statement also said all employers of essential and non-essential services which “are allowed” to operate during the MCO must ensure that all health precautions must be taken for employees such as body temperature monitoring, providing of sanitisers and social distancing. (MOH related article)

Employee taking unpaid leave starting 1st March are eligible to apply for cash aids from Employment Retention Programme (ERP) of up to RM600 a month due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Defer Tax Installment Payment Revise Tax Estimates (CP204)

FAQ for Tax Installment

FAQ for Tax Matters During MCO Period

Further to the issuance of the IRBM Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) in relation to taxation matters during the Movement Control Order period on 18 March 2020 to 28 April 2020 (updated on 21 April 2020), the IRBM has updated its FAQs in relation to the imposition of penalties for late payment of taxes.

Stimulus Package #4 of RM 10BN Summary


津贴薪金政策将增加到138亿,以津贴薪金 4千以下的员工。

a) Over 200 workers will get subsidy of RM600 per worker. 200人以上公司,津贴每人RM600。
b) 76-200 pax: RM800 per worker. 76-200 人的公司,津贴每人RM800。
c) Below 75 pax: RM1,200 per worker. 1-75 人的公司,津贴每人RM1,200。

*Condition: SOCSO register Company and to retain workers for 6 months.

The Government will provide a Special Grant of RM3,000 to each company, 700k firms to benefit, for Company register with LHDN and SSM before 1 Jan 2020. 设立21亿的特别援助, 每个符合资格的中小型企业将会获得三千令吉的援助,公司必须在1月1号之前注册。

*Skim Micro Meaning income less than 300k and Employees less than 5 person.

Reduced to 0% interest rate (prev 2%) for Micro Credit Scheme for micro businesses with a maximum loan limit of RM10,000 per company, apply to BSN or Tekun. 


GLC building rental waivers. Government encourage private commercial building landlord to follow suit, reduce rent by at least 30% of the original rental, be eligible for tax deduction during Apr-June 2020.

向GLC公司租下商业店铺的租户,将获得豁免租金或租金折扣的优惠。也鼓励私人界减低租金不小于30%为期三个月(4-6月)将会获得相等于减收租金的扣税优惠. (但没有强制,只是呼吁).

25% discount on foreign worker permits (Levy) Which expiry from April 2020 to Dec 2020.


a) Auto moratorium for 30days to submit all affected statutory documents to SSM without late filing fee during MCO. 

政府同意自动延期30日,从行关令结束开始算起, SSM豁免迟交文件费.

b) 90 days extension of time to lodge financial statements year ended 30 September 2019 to 31 December 2019 to SSM . An application to SSM for this extension is needed. (i.e. it is not automatic).


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