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Facebook Live & Marketing Class


您的 LIVE 营销 和 FACEBOOK 营销 做对了吗?相信很多老板和企业家们都在烦恼着! • 你是否每天都用 Give Away 的方式增加流量,可来的人都是拿了就走! • 你是否不懂得布置直播背景,观众看不懂你在卖什么! • 你是否不懂直播的互动技巧,观众不想理你又想离开! • Facebook 营销不断投钱但没有成交率! • Facebook 营销技巧和策略不对或错误! • 不懂得如何针对你的对顾客群来做广告! • 不懂得在 Facebook & Instagram 建立品牌定位和社会影响力! 老板和企业家们!别再犹豫了!抓紧时间来报名! 5 天课程 只需 RM788 而已 (原价 RM1499) PROGRAMME DETAILS19th - 23rd October 2020 | 8.00pm - 9.30pm VENUE ZOOM [...]

Facebook Live & Marketing Class2020-10-12T14:37:11+08:00

How to Generate Income Through Patent & Trademark


How to Generate Income Through Patent & Trademark A patent and trademark can be any number of things – from logo, words, a slogan or a phrase. Patents and trademarks are important to protect your business intellectual properties from theft and piracy. However registering your patent and trademark is not just for [...]

How to Generate Income Through Patent & Trademark2020-10-05T09:29:13+08:00

7 Roles of Highly Effective CEOs


7 Roles of Highly Effective CEOs PROBLEM: Feeling lonely fighting alone? As Chief Executives and Entrepreneurs, you face great challenges everyday. 16% of top leaders were rated very effective at either strategy or execution. Only 8% were very effective at both. Competition is fierce, resources are stretched and everyday presents a new normal. [...]

7 Roles of Highly Effective CEOs2020-08-04T11:55:31+08:00

Xero recognised for helping small businesses thrive in the cloud


It’s more important than ever for our customers and partners to have confidence in our product and services as they navigate these uncertain times. We’re focused on building out our platform to provide small business owners and their advisors with the tools and insights they need to help them survive, revive and thrive. Which [...]

Xero recognised for helping small businesses thrive in the cloud2020-07-29T15:52:18+08:00

Reboot & Reenergise


Leader is asked to adapt quickly to survive the Covid-19 crisis, but is it necessary? Ask yourself, what are the company competitive advantages (old skills and tools)? Are they still applicable now? If they are, how do you leverage those old skills in a new way? Some of those old skills and tools are [...]

Reboot & Reenergise2020-07-29T15:31:42+08:00

Watch-out for 5 Business Failure Signals


1. Business with poor profit This is partly due to inability to attract new customer and unawareness of break-even sales. Set a sales goal and a profit margin to help set priority. 2. Poor trade receivable management When business is growing, receivable management is neglected. In bad times, long overdue debtors could threaten your [...]

Watch-out for 5 Business Failure Signals2020-07-29T15:45:06+08:00
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