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Own Your Online Store For Free! More and more people prefer to shop online. So it’s time to have your online store and still maintain your traditional shop.Sign up as a GA Space membership for FREE and entitle you to own online store with features including:Multiple Sales ChannelManage everything in one placeRun your [...]


Sdn Bhd vs LLP


WHAT TYPE OF COMPANY SHOULD I START? WHY USE SDN BHD TO START YOUR BUSINESS NOW? Majority entrepreneur or startup who want to start their own business, there will be a few question on their mind which are, What is the different between Sdn Bhd and LLP? What is the [...]

Sdn Bhd vs LLP2021-04-06T16:42:44+08:00

Learn to Do Green Screen Like A Pro


Learn to Do Green Screen Like A Pro Everyone has heard about green screen, but do you know how to use it? Green screens are used to create a creative background during film making, making characters and scenes appear to take place in far-off or perilous locations—when in fact the [...]

Learn to Do Green Screen Like A Pro2021-04-06T16:05:33+08:00

Personal Tax Planning 2021


Personal Tax Planning 2021 Why work hard to pay higher tax? 😩 A tax planning is designed to people who want to optimise tax savings and understand tax incentives and deductions for personal tax. This also include how is to mitigate tax risk and prepare documentation for tax audit. Through [...]

Personal Tax Planning 20212021-04-06T10:30:44+08:00

How To Start a Business In 4 Steps 🚀


Business Startup Boost Talk Starting your own business is the best way to build something meaningful, become wealthy, and be completely free! Lots of people think about starting a business, but not many of them end up becoming a successful entrepreneur and business owner as it has never been easier [...]

How To Start a Business In 4 Steps 🚀2021-04-01T16:13:15+08:00

Consumer Alert Financial Fraud / Scam


Consumer Alert Financial Fraud / Scam In supporting our community, PUMM is collaborating with Bank Negara Malaysia. This talk aims to enhance public awareness on the dangers of falling prey to illegal financial schemes by providing access to vital information on these schemes. The Financial Consumer Alert (FCA) List is [...]

Consumer Alert Financial Fraud / Scam2021-03-11T17:35:11+08:00

Free mediation under the Pusat Mediasi Covid-19 and provided by SLS


The Temporary Measures for Reducing the Impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) Act 2020 (“the Act”) provides for free Mediation to the public through the Pusat Mediasi Covid-19 (“PMC-19”). Eligibility Criteria Mediation through the PMC-19 is only available for disputes valued at a sum not exceeding RM300,000.00 between two contracting parties in respect [...]

Free mediation under the Pusat Mediasi Covid-19 and provided by SLS2020-12-18T11:20:54+08:00

GA Hive is a finalist in Xero Awards Asia 2020


We’re so excited to announce that GA HIVE is a finalist for the Malaysia Partner of the Year at #XeroAwards 2020: Asia. https://www.xero.com/campaigns/xero-awards-asia/ Xero Awards recognise excellence among Xero accounting and bookkeeping partner firms like us, and celebrates our role in helping small businesses thrive. For more information about Xero, please [...]

GA Hive is a finalist in Xero Awards Asia 20202020-12-01T14:55:57+08:00

Business Continuity with Xero Accounting


Business Continuity with Xero Accounting Xero Beautiful Accounting Software, a cloud solution to help business owner lower down their costs and solve their financial trouble. Xero provides business owner with a real-time analysis of their financial condition and performance in a simple, intelligent and secure manner.Xero allow you to make better business [...]

Business Continuity with Xero Accounting2020-10-09T15:07:53+08:00

如何有效掌控现金流: COVID-19 生存策略 掌控现金流 + 情景规划 + 收支平衡


如何有效掌控现金流: COVID-19 生存策略 掌控现金流 + 情景规划 + 收支平衡 研讨会目标: 什么创新经营创造现金流。 工资补贴和贷款偿还延期,是好是坏。 平衡员工的健康的费用吗? 重新分配资源,提高生产力,降低成本,提高 ROE。 建立一个成本为重的文化“我为什么要花这个钱”?而不是说我可以在哪里消减? 激励管理者的平衡标准,或平衡管理者级效的指标。 了解亏盈平衡点,使生意更具有成本意识。 如何掌握现金,把生意做大。 PROGRAMME DETAILS 13th October 2020 | 11.00am - 12.30pm VENUE ZOOM Meeting FURTHER INQUIRY Vivian: 010-959 6230 William: 016-849 5729 Register Now [...]

如何有效掌控现金流: COVID-19 生存策略 掌控现金流 + 情景规划 + 收支平衡2020-10-09T11:21:40+08:00
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