(Preview) My Alpha Greatest Adventure

H ave you achieved success, yet you feel somewhat unfulfilled? Are you seeking solace but too occupied? Fret not, we are bringing the Alpha Workplace again to G&A. Alpha Workplace is your platform to share life experiences with others – this is where you are heard. Come join us, you are welcomed with open [...]

How to Build Your Business Online

B y attending this workshop, you will receive hands-on training session on the proven steps and strategies needed to build a profitable online business without storing or shipping a single product yourself. Registration Fee: FREE ADMISSION Facilitator/s: Jeff Thien COO G&A Group Tony Mah Senior Manager ipay88 Wilfred Chong Website Development & Online Advertising [...]

Full Body Workout

I f you find it simply too hard to stick to a workout plan, why not try a full-body workout program? Yes you will still have to work hard but in less time. Building muscles is all about spending hours at the gym, right? The only true way to build a chiseled, muscular physique [...]