The Cloud HR + Payroll seminar was initiated by Mdm Khoo Siew Ling – a HR practitioner and Servicing more than 1,000 customers from foreign multinationals, key strengths in assisting foreign investor in starting up businesses, building HR department for new operations, pioneer and key employee hiring, design automation in HR management process and employee retention program.

From this seminar, Mdm Khoo noted that common problems still exist in legacy system environment. Eg:

  1. Employment Records Out-Dated
  2. Loopholes in Leave Management (still using paper)
  3. Un-controlled claims
  4. Time Management Loopholes (poor timesheet tracking)
  5. Turnover in HR Department, policies practice varies per individual as no proper reference record.
  6. Non-compliance to Employment Act
  7. Non compliance to Statutory update

Also, Mdm Khoo noted that Cloud HR software is probably one of the best local HR cloud solution to help solve companies HR problem including payroll. In fact the software is already selling like hot cakes in Malaysia, and big businesses are currently using it. Cloud HR system is able to Auto Compute and system level 1 filtered verification;Application and approval online;Online and real time reporting.

By using Cloud HR Solution, companies are able to focus the following:

  1. Improve recruitment and hiring process
  2. Improve employee welfare
  3. Focus in manpower allocation and planning
  4. Employee compensation
  5. Employee retention plans & many others

With this Cloud HR system, we are sure they are good in helping many businesses’ operations! We wish to thank those who had attended this launching cum seminar. We hope you have benefited and be more productive by our services. We would always bring and introduce new technologies in the near future. For further inquiries, please contact Ms. Aerith at 016 842 1213 and Ms. Kimberly at 010 932 1887.

Mdm Khoo was giving HR talks to intent attendees

Mr Lucas and team giving talks to intent attendees