G&A Year 2018 in Review

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How to Enhance Your Business Level

T he Area that we will focus to enhance value : Decision-Making Management Owner Independency Effective Financial Systems & Controls Business Strategic Planning Customer Diversifcation Intellectual Property Scalable Systems & Process This Workshop is targeted for Business Owners Only. PROGRAM DETAILS 19 Feb 2019 (Tue) 2.00pm - 4.00pm VENUE GA Space, No [...]

Shopplus Smartapp

劲 爆实用内容 : 1) 引流秘诀 : 中小型企业最有效的引流策略。最适合中小型企业, 最有效的引流策略。如何借助手机移动互联网大趋势, 迅速吸引大量对你的产品服务有兴趣的目标顾客群 联系你,让你能跟进加速成交。 2) 成交秘诀: 一用就见效,能迅速提升中小型企提升业绩,加强资金流,最实用的成交策略。 3) 客户转介绍秘诀: 让客户心甘情愿为你转介绍客户的秘诀! 4) 成长秘诀: 最安全最低风险,让中小型企业快速成长,把企业增强做大的爆破成长策略。 PROGRAM DETAILS 23 Jan 2019 (Wed) 7.30pm - 9.30pm VENUE GA Space, No 1-1-6, 1st Flr, Blk B, Kolam Centre Ph2, Hilltop, Jln Lintas, Luyang, 88300, Kota Kinabalu FURTHER INQUIRY [...]

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M oney Mastery Signature Workshop Master Your Money Beliefs and Turn Your Passion Into Profits THE WORKSHOP WILL COVER… 5 decisions that you need to make to find your own way of working smart. Creating Multiple Sources of Income (MSI) and why you should know this as early as possible. The right mindset [...]

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How to Bring Your Company Initial Listing on Nasdaq

R aise Funds, Expand Your Business, Take Your Company to Public Even If You Have Limited Resources How can you Grow your Business Globally with ‘SMART CAPITAL’.  Most business owners i know have these questions; Beyond putting more of my own money into my business how can I raise capital from the public [...]

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Facebook Marketing & Strategy

F acebook Marketing & Strategy   PROGRAM DETAILS 12&13 Jan 2019 (Sat & Sun) 10.00am - 6.00pm VENUE GA Space, No 1-1-6, 1st Flr, Blk B, Kolam Centre Ph2, Hilltop, Jln Lintas, Luyang, 88300, Kota Kinabalu FURTHER INQUIRY Office:1-700-818-791 / 088-233791 Deneisa (014-670 0240) Angeline (010-953 0718) [...]

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Y our website is the face of your business online. Whether you like it or not, the apperance of your website greatly influences how people see your brand and affects whether they want to become or continue to be a customer. No matter how great your products or services are, a sloopy, unprofessional [...]

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N ot all Cryptocurrency uses Blockchain Technology; While not all Blockchain Technology gives out Cryptocurrency as the reward. The Introductory Course Will Cover: The basic concept of Distributed ledger The basic concept of forming blocks from transactions in the blockchain Using block explorer to understand Proof of work mining process Double layer reward [...]

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2019 Budget Impact on Tax Payer

P ROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS Brief on Key budget 2019 changes Recent Tax Cases & Tax Development SST Update & New Regulation SST planning to minimise errors REGISTRATION FEE: Client – RM50 Non-Client – RM100 *The seminar include lunch & certificate. PROGRAM DETAILS 3 Dec 2018 09.00am - 3.00pm VENUE GA Space, [...]


I t's time to improve your skills, and grow your business. Master the HReasily and manage your HR like a pro, on cloud together with Xero Accoun   FREE ADMISSION   PROGRAM DETAILS 13th July 2018 10.00pm - 12.00pm VENUE GA Space, No 1-1-6, 1st Flr, Blk B, Kolam Centre Ph2, [...]