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Basic benefits

  • Annual leave 14-18 days
  • Group personal
  • Accident insurance
  • Paid sick leave
  • Dental care & optical care – RM350 per annum

Marketing benefits

  • Entertainment – reimbursement of reasonable bills
    • Expected fee
    • Tax deductable

Happy benefits

  • Paternity leave 2 days
  • Compassionate leave – 3 days (include public & weekend)
  • Maternity leave – 60 days
  • Wedding days – 4 days
  • Wedding Gift – RM300
  • Birth Gift – RM300 gift
  • Get well – RM100 fruits

Education & training benefits

  • Induction training program – 1st day of work
  • Exam and study leave – 0-3 days
  • Exam fee subsidise maxi RM1500 per annum
  • Study loan – RM15,000, 3 days study leave per subject
  • Personal development – External/Internal – 30 hours CPD, 3 hours per month

Referral fee

  • Introduce services by staff – Refer to commission schedule
  • Introduce new staff – Position: Junior RM100, Senior RM200, upon confirmation

Manager benefits

  • Annual leave 16-18 days
  • Mobile phone allowance – RM60 per month
  • Parking allowance – RM60 per month
  • Professional membership – claimable
  • Hospitalisation and Retirement benefits – RM50K to 150K

Events benefits

  • Weekly badminton games and staff club activities
  • Monthly birthday’s party
  • Monthly & quarterly staff awards
  • Quarterly get together
  • Annual trip & Annual dinner – RM380 per staff
  • Networking activities
  • G&A Team
  • G&A Team
  • G&A Team
  • G&A Team

Join us to Impact the world.

We are looking for fresh graduate, experienced professional or team players who are enthusiastic, passionate and thrive on working in an atmosphere of high performance. The working environment is friendly, yet professional. We promote a healthy workplace where the leaders are willing to share their knowledge and value your ideas. You will feel supported, trusted and valued within the organization. G&A group are committed to invest in your growth and development, we will provide you with appropriate training, support and guidance to enhance your skills. We believe that passionate employees are our greatest assets, because when passion and skill work together, it puts perfection in your work. Be a part of G&A Group, together we strive for excellence and growth to achieve our vision.

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Vision + Core Value + 4G = Accelerate Growth


G-Team is a “Customer Centric” team. They learn from customer feedback and they improve customer’s experience.​ ​G-Together is a monthly “get together” of the G-Team where the team​ ​meet, identify problem and discuss ways to improve customer​ ​satisfaction. When it is not possible for G-Team to solve the problem, G-Initiative is introduced to design the best strategic to remove​ ​the root cause of the problem. Finally, the G-Coalition team is committed to customer​ ​focus, skill in collaboration, plays an active role​ ​in training, and guide the G-Initiative to accelerate the changes to deliver a great customer experience.​

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