About Us

Change organization, accelerate growth.

Focus On Customer Centricity

(C2B) model allows us to gather customer insight and feedback​ ​to create value in our services to improve customer satisfaction.​ ​Employee is the solid foundation of the company. We​ ​empower​ ​our frontline staff with the latest technology to personalise their​ ​services to​ ​customers. Continuous improvement and innovative​ ​Customer Centricity is our culture.​ ​Customer to Business​ ​in our services are our greatest contribution to our growth.​

The Founder

Dato’ George Lim Su Chung
Founder and Chairman
EMBA2014/15, CA(M), CA(NZ), B.Com(NZ)

Founded in 1999, G&A Group is a well-established integrated professional firm, dedicated to provide an effective solution for business planning, accounts, tax, finance, IT and performance management. We have a group of professional and enthusiastic team that embrace a vision to provide quality and reliable services. We look forward to, build a lasting relationship with you.

Our Vision

Be a leading innovative professional firm locally and internationally.​

Our Mission

To deliver exceed customer expectation of high quality and innovative services to the business communities by an integrated professional team.

Our Values

We Customer First. We Passionate. We Empower. We are one team

Our Branches


Headquarter Kota Kinabalu

Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur Branch

Kuala Lumpur Branch

Kota Kinabalu Branch

Kota Kinabalu Branch

Sandakan Branch

Sandakan Branch

Labuan Branch

Labuan Branch

Icon City, Shah Alam Branch

Shah Alam Branch

Johor Bahru Branch

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