Coaching Program: Business Strategy & Plan 企业·策略·成长

R unning a business and an organization at the SME level is like joining a marathon race. The entrepreneur or business owner dreams big while on the starting line but as the race progresses he sees a lot of fellow racers fall behind. Many are not able to endure the test of stamina and agility of the [...]

Visit Our Booth @ Sabah Trade Centre (27/5-29/5)

C ome this weekend, G&A will be joining as an exhibitor at the SME/SDSI Showcase 2016, Sabah Trade Centre from 27th to 29th May 2016. Expect a lot of activities; a whole-day seminar on SME and exhibition on the first day; and more exciting ones on the second day; Meet the Buyers program, Business [...]

G&A joined as exhibitor in TM SME BIZFEST 2016 @ 11.05.2016

The event has been successfully held at The Magellan Sutera Resort with a hall filled by aspiring local and future entrepreneurs. The theme of the SME BIZFEST™ 2016 is “Innovate to Dominate” and the one day event in the Sabah station features speakers from prominent business leaders. TM SME BizFest 2016 also bring prominent business [...]

The seminar sharing of Cloud HR system + Payroll @ 12/05/2016

The Cloud HR + Payroll seminar was initiated by Mdm Khoo Siew Ling - a HR practitioner and Servicing more than 1,000 customers from foreign multinationals, key strengths in assisting foreign investor in starting up businesses, building HR department for new operations, pioneer and key employee hiring, design automation in HR management process and employee [...]

Visit Our Booth! @ 11/5 Magellan Sutera Resort

S AVE YOUR DATE! Come May 11th, G&A is joining TM SME BizFest 2016 at The Magellan Sutera Resort. This event will showcase the best and latest innovative business and ICT solutions for SMEs. Bringing together leading thinkers and practitioners around Malaysia, they are here to share their insights and strategies for success. This event also offers business [...]