Accounting Practical Workshop @ 9th April 2016

A nother accounting practical workshop once again held by G&A! Learning through using accounting software & excel sheet. Let's be more professional in managing your account! Registration Fee: RM100 (G&A Alumni Member) RM200 (Non Alumni Member) To sign up, click here Max 20 persons. First come first serve basis. Programmer Designer: George Lim Mr. [...]


千 万不要忽略遗产和企业继承的规划! 否则您苦了大半辈子的心血就被有心人占有了! 这次G&A和黎锦贤 (财务规划顾问)一起让您了解如何让规划帮助您和您的家人! 报名费: 免费入场 (位子有限,先到先得) 主讲人 国家银行及证券监督委员会标准 超过十年风险管理和财务规划的经验 曾在国际信托公司担任超过七年的企业拓展经理和财务规划顾问 现任一家国际会计事务所的企业拓展总监 ( 国际企业结构, 税务和继承规划 ) 和提拱咨询于几家大马财务規划公司。 讲座重点 1. 遗嘱、信托和基金会有什么不同? 2. 什么事私人基金会?有什么不同? 3. 现金市场局势的变化,是否影响资产的保值和保障,如何应付? 4. 如何把遗产和企业的拥有权国际化,以降低风险和税务? 5. 一次性的庞大资产接收,对子女是福还是祸? 6. 家族企业拥有权流失的风险。 7. 继承计划从何说起。   活动详情 1st April 2016 2:00pm - 4:00pm 地点 G&A Office, Hilltop, Luyang,  No 1-2-1B, 2nd Flr, Blk B, Kolam [...]

1st Sabah-ShenZhen External Trade Mission Promotion

T he "1st Sabah-ShenZhen External Trade Promotion (One-Belt One-Road Private Sector)" aim to explore Malaysia  to create cooperation opportunities in Guangdong, Hong Kong region through this mission. Business groups and representatives of China, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries are invited to participate such great opportunities to build partnerships in the region. PUMM [...]

Staff Birthday Celebration (Jan’16-Mar’16)

L ast Thursday, G&A had a STAFF BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION for January to March Birthday Babies! ?? G&A also awarded its staffs: i. Best Performance Dept – Book Keeping Team,   ii. Best Unexpected Collection – Sepherina Chong,    and iii. Best Collection Dept – Secretary Department.    These are to motivate and encourage the staffs [...]

G&A Founder, George Lim at MIA

Our very own George Lim was among the invited speakers at the recent MIA (Malaysian Institutes of Accountants) TALK 2016. With his undoubtedly solid accounting background, he took this opportunity to share his knowledge as he emphasized on “SME Business Opportunity”. Mr Lucas and team giving talks to intent attendees

Tax Planning Free Seminar @ 01 April 2016

The Launching day of Genius POS System & HyperLedger 7

The launching cum seminar was initiated by Mr Lucas Chong - a Serial Entrepreneur & Investor in many ventures, from properties to digital marketing sectors. Mr Lucas noted that GENIUS POS is probably one of the cheapest POS available in town, in fact the software is already selling like hot cakes in Peninsula Malaysia, and big F&B [...]

Caring For Future Malaysia, Children Home Visit 19 Feb 2016

O n Friday, 19th February 2016, our company G&A had paid a visit and did some donations to CFFM, House of Orphanage at Papar, Sabah with Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) & Almacrest International College. At the same time, there is a group of Japanese students also came to CFFM to do some charity works while having [...]