The Founder

Dato’ George Lim Su Chung
Founder and Chairman
EMBA2014/15, CA(M), CA(NZ), B.Com(NZ)

Founded in 1999, G&A Group is a well-established integrated professional firm, dedicated to provide an effective solution for business planning, accounts, tax, finance, IT and performance management. We have a group of professional and enthusiastic team that embrace a vision to provide quality and reliable services. We look forward to, build a lasting relationship with you.

Our Services

Corporate Consultancy

Look for a way to gain intuitive understanding of your business and develop insights into business challenges and the ways to build up your business.

Business Support

Provide integrated solutions and services to support small and medium-sized enterprises to grow and succeed your business.

Tax Advisory

Ensure quality review of your corporate taxes and account reporting taken care of with Xero monthly subscription covered.


Set up Xero the leading cloud-based accounting software, implement POS system or build websites to operate and market your business efficiently.


Offer advises, integrated solutions and services that are designed uniquely to suit your company needs to achieve your business goals.

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迈向成功企业 的 60 种商业模式

September 2nd, 2018|0 Comments

从 2006 个融资案例取经的秘技 60 种成功商业模式 9 种新融钱融认法 5 新现代企业思维导图 学习的重点 1.   如何让投资人不想错过你! 2.   募资思维决定你的创业成败! 3.   学会募资简报,同时学会做创业计划! 4.   教你演练一场说服投资人的简报! 5.   从 2006 个案子取经的募资密技! 入场免费  PROGRAM DETAILS 30 Sep [...]

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September 2nd, 2018|0 Comments

公 司赚钱却没有现金! 如何掌握现金周转的秘诀! 研讨会目标: ● 重新分配资源,提高生产力,降低成本,提高ROE 10% ● 建立一个以成本为重点的文化“我为什么要花这个💰?”而不是说,“我可以在哪里削减?” ● 激励管理者的衡量标准,或衡量管理者绩效的指标。 ● 了解盈亏平衡点,使生意更具成本意识 ● 如何掌握现金,把生意做大 入场免费  PROGRAM DETAILS 08 Sep 2018 10.00pm - 12.00pm VENUE GA [...]

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September 2nd, 2018|0 Comments

老 板,你的生意可以做多久?你有思考过吗? 老板,为什么需要请员工?员工能够成为谁? 请问做企业是先管理后经营,还是先经营后管理? 一场解开老板的困惑分享会,你不能放过也不能错过! 邀请全马唯一的 [商道教育学院],通过努力专研,世界两家500强的经营之圣“稻盛和夫”的经营学, 通过传播、分享、授课、咨询落实到公司,让全体伙伴过上幸福的生活。 入场免费  PROGRAM DETAILS 07 Sep 2018 07.30pm - 09.30pm VENUE GA Space, No 1-1-6, 1st Flr, Blk B, [...]

Feedback & Testimonial

I and my company would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for all the services and support that G&A have gave us. Your expert advice and understanding in preparing us for the services that we need has made us more organized in our business especially in accounting and also taxation.
Audrey Eva YoungAudrey Eva Young, GC Architect
My experiences of dealing with the company so far was pleasant. Staff are very friendly, approachable and helpful. Services were prompt and without much hassle. The fee charged is reasonable and affordable. Location is easily accessible.
Ms. LiMs. Li, Haskoning DHV Sdn Bhd
Keep up the good work.Our company appreciate your services and hard working team. Well done!
Bibi HamidahBibi Hamidah, M&Y Cekal Sdn Bhd
I already attend the seminar organize by g&a i really satisfy with the seminar content and also the service provide by the G&A Team, its really important to new people in this industry like me, we hope that the event like this can continue in future, hope to attend and use your service continuously.
Siti Sosziantie Binti AsliSiti Sosziantie Binti Asli, Beaufort Wetland Explorer Sdn Bhd
Cheers for your lovely & hearty team, they are helpful and excellent…!
YC Chong, Director of First Omni Sdn Bhd (Akira Malaysia)
Your team already doing the best of the best service. Good job and hope will keep in the future.. Cheers.
Wah Tee Chung, Cooling Precision Service Sdn Bhd
XERO Accounting is good. But needs extra payment though for iCloud-enabled.
Harry, Riam Food Court
GST Training exceeded my expectation. Very professional.
Lim Siaw Ching
With Genius POS, I can track my daily sales and out-of-stock, and I can manage my shop even when I’m away. Good after-sales service. Will recommend my friend to purchase the POS system from G&A.
Reynold, R2 Mini Market
I am impressed or rather touched with G&A for their effort in running development seminars like “The Art of Self-leadership” by Vincent Chew. Even the staffs are excellent and efficient; from the email marketing, telephone conversations and counter registrations.
Paul, Consulting Engineer

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